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Packing & Loading Tips

Packing & Loading Tips

Packing Plates & Ornaments

Never overfill your boxes making them too heavy.When your box is half full with fragile items why not place your towels or sheets in the remaining space to prevent crushing when boxes are stacked.

Place paper padding or similar in the base of the box to form a cushion.

Wrap ornaments in bubble wrap, not paper. Always load plates on their sides, individually wrapped in paper.

Mark your boxes Fragile and where they came from i.e Living Room, sideboard.

Pack your essentials into a separate box and mark it i.e pet food, tea bags, kettle etc. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination in the early hours of the morning and not having to hand some of the above mentioned. Think ahead!

Loading Your Vehicle

Always load your heaviest boxes first followed by lighter boxes on top. Keep your heavy items as near to the front as you can and as low as possible. Top heavy vans are dangerous to drive on bends and high winds.

The sketch below is a good example of weight distribution.

Example of distributionLoad bedding and light belongings up high and nearer the back of the van.

Distribute your load evenly from left to right and back to front.

Place units with glass doors facing the side of the van to prevent any breakages.

Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in blankets or bubble wrap and load upright. They should be placed facing the side of the van to prevent pressure on the glass when slowing the vehicle.

Driving Tips

Driving TipsUsing a satellite navigation system is the greatest way to relax and enjoy your journey, with full confidence you won't be lost in a strange place, struggling to find your way using a map.

When driving a loaded vehicle it is important to take your time. Allow extra breaking distance and be aware of sudden sharp bends. Never let the fuel get low, especially after 10pm when you are not on toll roads as garages which are open become harder to find. Take a break every two or three hours for a coffee or short walk. If you try to drive too hard for the first half of your journey it may have an adverse effect on the second half.

Remember it is a marathon not a sprint. So be casual and enjoy!


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Tools for Hire

UK Spain Van Hire

We are often asked if we can provide accessories for use with our vans. Thus we have added some essentials to assist with the transportation of your goods in our vans.
Please feel free to ask if there are additional tools we can provide. We aim to try and help.
Immediately available from Way2Go:

Sack Barrow Removal Blankets Dog Cage
Sack Barrow Removal Blankets (x10) Dog Cage

£6 per day

£20 per week

£150 deposit

£5 per day

£15 per week

£25 deposit

£6 per day

£20 per week

£150 deposit


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Professional Door to Door Transport Service

Professional Door to Door Transport Service

Way2go Transport

Way2Go offer removals, packing and storage for full or part loads door to door across Europe with no sub-contracting. Whether you are moving between Spain, UK, France, Portugal or Ireland we really are the only Way2Go.

We offer a wide range of quality vehicles and services to suite your requirements or budget and have depots at Malaga airport, Murcia airport, Javea, East Midlands airport and Swanley near Gatwick, so we are always moving your way ensuring your belongings are never passed from one subcontractor to the next. Once our vehicle is carefully loaded by a member of our team your consignment remains untouched with a delivery to your new home up to five days later, or perhaps one of the many storage facilities available on request.

We are a family run business originally founded in 1988 where to date we have always worked for the public and excel in understanding individuals needs and concerns. Way2Go was founded in 2005 when realising that clients required a choice when relocating. We always appreciate that value for money is important, but from years of experience know peace of mind and reliability with a caring touch is paramount, especially when moving home. This we believe is reflected in the many testimonials we have received and the numerous kind comments posted on independent forums helping us to go from strength to strength.

Our ethos is to reinforce our companies foundation and future by appreciating we are only as good as our last job, whilst understanding that you always have a choice of companies when relocating. That’s why we consider ourselves to be your one stop transport shop where one of our friendly team is always at hand to help you choose the best option for you. So whether you require our one way self-drive van hire option, a chauffeur driven service for you and your belongings often with your pets, or our traditional door to door removal service we are confident we are the Way2Go and can help you.


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We are here to assist you during the following hours:

Office hours:
Mon to Sat 9am to 5pm
From Spain:
0034 965794682
From UK:
(0)208 0904292
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Way2Go - One Way Van Hire Spain

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